Montag, 21. April 2014

Look #5 - I see Fire

Today I was once more lucky to blog with my amazing girlfriend.. She looks so gorgeous and fits perfectly to my style and blog.. thats why I want to welcome her as a new author on all my blogs. Thank you so much for being patient with me when I take my pics hours and hours and edit them until they are perfect <3. Thank you so much for helping me out always and being this wonderful girlfriend you are ♥.



Skin:WoW-Skins - Jason (Milk)
Hairs: [Burley] - Gosling (Black)
Crown: DeLaSoul - Crown of the Sun
Ears: Mandala - Simple Ears Hutuu
Beard: Hermony - Facial Hair (Variant A)
Hands: SLINK - Mesh Hands (Closed &Relax)
Outfit: KahliDesign - Noble Tunic (Red)


Skin: Essences - Song (doux)
Hairs: Baiastice - Stefani (Ghost)
Crown: .Pekka - Crown of Thorns (Old Gold)
Make-Up: Corvus - Bloody Lips
Dress: Maitreya - Mignon Evening (Red)
Bracelets: [The Forge] Viking Bracer (Brown Leather)
Hands: SLINK - Mesh Hands (Casual)
Shoes: Skifija - Gladiator Sandals (Black)


Environment (Background): Isil - Classical Construction Set
Throne: Fashiowl - Male Throne
Cup: Flecha - Mesh Silver Goblet (Animation included)
Shield: [EZ] Weaponry - Decimus Shield V3
Sword: [EZ] Weaponry - Decimus Gladius


Picture 1: F*ckingNinjas - Robin Hood Pose with Arrow + Bow
Picture 2: F*ckingNinjas - This Place


Freitag, 18. April 2014

Look #4 - Sadness and Sorrow

Hello, finally a new post on my RolePlay blog YAY. Today I want to present you the outfit from Unsung (Thank you so much for your cooperation at this place). It's a outfit you can use to create outfits related to themes as Sci-Fi... or even such as Naruto are. I love the detail and the work that is put into this outfit and its available in many many colors. It's even for sale now which means you get it cheaper than normally so don't hesitate to grab your outfit today. Also to mention at this place.. its not a complete outfit.. you can purchase it as single parts which makes different combinations possible and leaves space for your own creativity !


Skin: WoW-Skins - Jason (Milk)
Hairs: Drot - Vincent (Snowflake)
Eyes: Kawaii Anime - The Illusive Man
Mask: Cobrahive - Bandit Scarfmask
Top: Unsung - Angelus Harness
Vest: Unsung - Angelus Vest
Jacket: Unsung - Angelus Jacket
Sleeves: Unsung - Angelus Sleeves
Gloves: Unsung - Angelus Gauntlet
Pants: Unsung - Angelus Chaps
Boots: Unsung - Angelus Boots

Poses: Expressive Poses - Simon

Sonntag, 23. Februar 2014

Look #3 - Survival

Today I gonna show you a lot of nice stuff from EPIA. EPIA makes very realistic mesh clothes/accessouires etc. Thank you so much for giving me the possibility to blog your nice stuff ! The Shirt, Pants and Boots are one outfit and don't come seperated! You have many different options on the vest, hat and cap for example you can change flag, textures etc. and resize it perfectly. The uniform has many options.. you can wear it long sleeve or short sleeve.. wear a hoodie or not.. or have your pants tucked in the shoes.


Cap (Picture 1 & 3): (epia) - Military Cap
Hat (Picture 2): (epia) - Military Boonie Hat
Headset (Picture 1 & 3): (epia) - Tactical Military Headset
Scarf: Cobrahive - Bandit Scarfmask
Tattoo: Ner.Ink - Hard to Kill
Vest: (epia) - Plate Carrier
Gloves: Razor - Dealer Gloves
Uniform: (epia) - Versatile Combat Uniform (Woodland)
Weapon: [SAC] - M4A1 921 HB (Scripted)

Pose 1 (Picture 1 & 3): Focus Poses - Male Set 13
Pose 2 (Picture 2): Vetrovian Sin Poses - 24
Props: click ->here<- to see credits for the tank etc.
Here are some more details:

Montag, 30. Dezember 2013

Look #2 - Moscow

In honor of my country I am making a special blog post dedicated to Russia and a old political system it used to have haha. I want to show you the new and nice hat of Remarkable Oblivion which is available in plenty different colors. Also Revolt once again brought a perfect coat out which I totally adore big thanks to Revolt <3. And also I want to say thank for my sponsors GAS Clothing and Dutch for supporting me and hope that we will have a great cooperation together!
Hat: Remarkable Oblivion - Paragon Cap (Forever Black)
Hairbase: -Entente- B&W (Midnight Black)
Ears: Mandala - Steking Ears (Ver. 3)
Jacket: [R3VOLT] -Mason Coat
Mesh Hands: Slink - Male Hands (Relaxed)
Weapon: Dutch - Parabellum
Pants: Pr!ck - SoChic Pants
Shoes: GAS Clothing - Boots Arizona
Pose: Pose Maniacs - Allan

Here are some more details:

Donnerstag, 28. November 2013

Look #1 - Escape

This is the first blog post on my new blog MadPlayz :). I created this blog especially for role play outfits. I will present you outfits here that you can use for different types of roleplay sims in secondlife and look great while you do some RP. I hope you like it :).

In the first post I am showing you the nice and very detailed Shinobi/Ninja outfit from Pixel Puss. It comes in different colors (You can either make it completely red or black.. or just combine.) and the outfit has many parts so you can make nice combinations. Also I had the honor to blog the 'Katana' of TCR which also looks very realistic and is compatible with many combat systems such as CCS enhances, SCRS, DCS and also with other systems. So don't forget to check out both stores they have a lot of great stuff !


Katana(s): [:TCR:] - Blades of the Animus
Ninja Outfit: Pixel Puss - Shinobi Complete Costume (Blood&Black)

Pose: eXpression Poses - Assassin

Here are some more details: